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Benefits MAC

Conner Strong & Buckelew is pleased to represent Center for Family Services in helping to manage and administer your health benefits program.


We know it is often difficult to fully understand your health benefits and use them properly—especially when insurance companies make more and more changes to the way plans are administered and how claims are paid. This is where the Benefits Member Advocacy Center (MAC) can help.


If you have a question about your benefits or a claim payment, your first point of contact should always be the insurance company. However, if you cannot resolve your concerns or require special assistance, please contact a specially trained and experienced Member Advocate to intercede on your behalf:


  • call our Conner Strong & Buckelew Benefits MAC hotline at 800-563-9929, or

  • submit a request via our website here

Conner Strong looks forward to providing any help you may need regarding your health benefits program. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service.

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